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Why do I need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping doesn’t come naturally to many small business owners, it can get very challenging, particularly in the face of ongoing legislative changes. Having good bookkeeping will ensure that you have efficient accounting systems and that your record keeping is up to date. This saves time and helps you focus on what you do best while growing your business.

What should I look for when hiring a bookkeeper?

Most business owners do not have the knowledge, time or ability to effectively perform bookkeeping duties. The most important thing in any business is to ensure you hire a professional and experienced bookkeeper that you can trust. The requirements for BAS agent status has made a huge difference at weeding out a lot of the unqualified bookkeepers. Be aware of opting for price over quality when engaging people to look after the heart and soul of your business. If you hire unqualified and inexperienced people you will end up paying a higher fee for someone else to come in and fix the mistakes left behind. Keep in mind that this service is also tax deductible.

Can’t my accountant or data entry person do my bookkeeping for me?

Some accountants do offer bookkeeping services, but most prefer to focus on the higher end processes such as legal and tax management. They also charge considerably more than a bookkeeper. Some data entry people are able to perform, but they are much more limited in what they are qualified to do.

What services can you provide?

At Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions we are able to satisfy almost all of your requirements, including:

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Payroll, PAYG and Superannuation
  • BAS and GST assistance
  • Accounting systems and setup
  • Software training and support

Please visit our services page for more information about the services we offer.

How much does a bookkeeper cost?

Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions can provide a quote to suit your business or you may wish to select from a variety of value added packages.

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Why choose Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions?

Quite simply, our training programs, quality control measures and support systems ensure that we provide a high quality and compliant bookkeeping service..

What software does Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions use?

We have the capability to proficiently perform on almost any software. Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions are certified partners with Xero. If you do not have software set up, we can suggest the most appropriate alternative and provide you with training and support.

Click here for more information on Xero Accounting Software.

Can you work at my premises?

We can comfortably work at your premises if you are in the Brisbane/Ipswich region, or from a remote location. It is entirely up to you. Xero provides cloud accounting software that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

What areas can you service?

Account4it Bookkeeping Solutions can service almost anywhere in Australia, as long as you have internet access and use cloud accounting software like Xero. If you are located in the Brisbane/Ipwich Regions we can come to your office.

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